Expired But Not Forgotten

Expired Kodak Film

I recently meet a really wonderful and nice woman, she had seen my work on Flickr and got in touch with me. She wanted to sit down and talk with me and has given me a ton of expired film she had laying around and has found. I am touched by her generosity and her kind words. It means so much to me that people see something in my photographs, I put so much emotion into my work and I’m glad they speak to a few here and there. I have been lucky that a few really good people have taken an interest in my work.

I love the upredictability of expired film. Depending on how old it is and the conditions it was stored in effect how it turns out. This last roll I ran through my Holga BC135 really turned out beautifully. It has a vintage vibe to it that can not be reproduced digitally. There is a warm haze that takes over the image and creates the character of the South. When I think of the South, it is engulfed in a warm haze. This haze is the history and emotions that are suspended within the humidity of this region. You can cut it with a knife, its a tangible entity…it just takes a little imagination and a camera to try to catch it. Thats why I take photographs, its a way to experience the past through the present. When I take a photograph its in the now, but when I see the photograph I see the past. That’s powerful. There is no such thing as expiration…

3 thoughts on “Expired But Not Forgotten

  1. Ever since I came across your work the one thing that has always shone through is the passion you have, both for photography and for the subject you capture. A very powerful combination, especially when your talent is added to the mix.

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