Postcard From Hell

My favorite band is the Wood Brothers, they consist of Oliver and Chris Wood, two amazingly talented brothers. They have a unique blend of roots, folk, and blues that just speaks to me. I don’t know about everybody else, but music is extremely important to my photography, it inspires me. I always listen to music as I edit my photographs, it creates an atmosphere that helps me stage the mood I want for what I’m working on.  Usually its the Wood Brothers or Billie Holiday.

Well, when the Wood Brothers put forth a design contest for people to create something inspired by their song Postcards From Hell, I jumped at the opportunity. I am extremely interested in design, its my hobby. I love sitting down and letting my imagination run with a concept. I have really gotten into it over the past year and have started doing little things here and there for some of my musician friends. I submitted three designs to the contest and the Wood Brothers picked two! I am so thrilled and honored to be chosen. If you ever go to a concert (and if you can, you should!), be sure to pick up a set of the postcards they will be selling. The proceeds go to a worthy cause.

I will be posting more of my design work here on my blog, something I have never really put out there for the public to see. I feel I have more freedom here to share more of what I love to do, and I like that.

Here is the other entry I made. This one was an experiment and I was pleased with how it turned out. I used my Bamboo tablet to draw this, my first time attempting something of this nature. I’m looking forward to perfecting it!

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