New Beginings

Anna and I bought an 8×10 view camera last year at a little antique shop in downtown Marietta, GA. It was in really rough shape, the bellows were completely shot, but it was a steal! We walked out of the store with it and were wondering where to go from there. I have always wanted a view camera, so slowly but surely we got it up and working. Now 8×10 film is extremely expensive, so I decided to get some paper negatives to practice with. In my research I found that I really liked the results people were getting from their paper negative shots. I have taken three photographs so far. I took one of Anna early in the week, we were inside and the exposure had to be long since the paper is rated at around 10 asa. Anna had trouble being still for that long, so I won’t post that one, even though it’s still cool. My dad and I got out in the heat this morning to get a couple of shots so I could see how it preformed in the daylight. I about died of heat stroke under the hood getting my composition! I need a tripod, I used my truck today and it’s not the best set up. I have to say I’m really happy with these two photographs and I’m looking forward  to shooting more and playing around with my development times to achieve different looks. At the bottom is a picture of what camera we have looks like (pictured is a 5×7, and we have the 8×10). It was made by the Gundlach-Manattan Optical Company around 1918. I was being lazy and didn’t feel like getting some good shots of ours today, but will post some soon! I’m going to fall in love with this camera. I would love to know how long its been since it had taken a photograph?

3 thoughts on “New Beginings

  1. Congrats! Most excellent. I dare say you will never photograph with another camera once it gets under your skin enough. Its definitely my favourite!

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