Holding On

Korona Home Portrait Camera 8X10 Paper Negative

Yesterday I took the 8X10 down to the river and it was truly an experience. First of all, if you haven’t noticed, it’s been hot lately. Now the 8X10 is a heavy camera, I’m not sure how heavy, but it is probably at least 10 pounds. I had to walk  a long way to get to where I wanted to shoot. People were giving me odd looks as I walked around with this thing, and I got a few interesting questions. I have to say it was all worth it though. When I set up my first shot, standing by the running water amongst the quiet of nature, I was at peace. There is a sense of happiness and contentment I get when I set up a shot in the ground glass of this camera. This tree fascinates me, I keep coming back to it. Its exposed roots, twisted and hanging on to its eroding earth, speak to me. It’s fighting the fight, holding on, just to exist.

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