A Moment

Korona Home Portrait Camera 8X10 Paper Negative

I am getting more and more comfortable with the 8X10 and the paper negatives. Using the camera is a joy. The paper negatives has brought the biggest challenge for me. The negatives are very contrasty by nature and I am learning how to expose and develop them to achieve a look that I like. I love developing them, you develop by sight. I really enjoy having complete control over a photograph, watching it emerge out of nothing and taking it as far as I want. I’m not a technical photographer, so I like how I can use this camera and develop the negatives by feel rather than dictated standards. I am really happy with this photograph, the range of tones I got in it make me proud!  My time at the river the other day was so much fun, landscapes take on an amazing quality when seen through the ground glass.

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