Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5 Arista B&W 400

I have been looking at this place for about four years. When I first spotted it, I didn’t realize a road ran right in front of it. It appears from the main road to just be sitting out in the middle of a field. Once I figured out there was a road, I thought it was a private drive. But it’s not! So, as Anna and I were on our way to Savannah, we finally stopped. It was a beautiful morning, the clouds were big and fluffy and the air wasn’t too hot yet. I fell in love with the scene, it was such a classic Southern view. It made me think of the South that Walker Evans, Jack Delano, and Eudora Welty (just to name a few of the amazing photographers of the time) photographed in the early 20th Century. Thankfully I had my Graflex with me! I plan to revisit this old sharecropper one day soon.

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