Let Us Now Praise

Korona Home Portrait Camera 8X10 Paper Negative

“It is not likely for her; it is not likely for any of you, my beloved, whose poor lives I have already so betrayed, and should you see these things so astounded, so destroyed, I dread to dare that I shall ever look into your dear eyes again : and soon, quite soon now, in two years, in five, in forty, it will all be over, and one by one we shall all be drawn into the planet beside one another; let us then hope better of our children, and of our children’s children; let us know, let us know there is a cure, there is to be an end to it, whose beginnings are long begun, and in slow agonies and all deceptions clearing; and in the teeth of all hope of cure which shall pretend its denial and hope of good use to men, let us quietly and in the most reverent fierceness say, not by its captive but by its utmost meanings:

Our father, who art in heaven….”

James Agee-Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

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