Graflex Speed Graphic 4X5 Paper Negative

I have had this image since I was probably ten and it has always resonated with me. Obviously, the young man on the right has Down Syndrome. An photograph of someone with this condition from the 19th century is uncommon. Down Syndrome wasn’t diagnosed until 1866, when British doctor John Langdon Down identified some of the shared physical characteristics among those affected. In the 19th century, children affected with Down Syndrome were institutionalized or sent to a medical asylum. The integration of them into regular society was unheard of. That is why the photograph has struck a chord with me. To see this gentleman having his portrait made with who most likely is his brother, is so touching.

One thought on “Truthfulness

  1. I found your site through a post on facebook. I am a fan of the black and white with natures artwork. The one with the two brothers, one with downs syndrome brought tears to my heart. Several friends of mine are raising children into such a more accepting world. Thank you for sharing. Respectfully – rik!

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